We need your help!


Help us to continue providing free legal assistance to women victims of femicide violence and their families!


Femicide and any other violent crime towards females remains a constant and cruel reality threatening countless lives every day. These crimes prevent women from living a life with the basic human rights all should be guaranteed.  Fundación Feminicidios Colombia formed and fights to create a world free from the violent repetitious acts women encounter. We provide free legal representation to victims of sexual violence and the survivors coping with the grief from the act of femicide. At Fundación Feminicidios Colombia, we believe access to justice is a human right. We provide such rights.

To continue our mission, we need your support.

The legal representation in cases of femicide in Colombia

alone generates yearly costs over $38,000.

The majority of families who are victims of femicide cannot access an effective representation due to financial constraints. We at the Fundación Feminicidios Colombia are aware of the need for families to have quality judicial representation and have provided this free service for 23 cases, achieving 6 guilty sentences to date.

Three of our lawyers have made 58 trips throughout the national territory in order to attend hearings and other proceedings. These trips involve reaching areas difficult to access such as Cimitarra, Santander, and Remedios in Antioquia. Each journey exposes our lawyers to threats from perpetrators who know our work costs them their freedom.


In addition, our foundation has hired experts to advance the difficult criminal investigations helping the prosecutors. Today, we maintain active in 12 municipalities of the country, without our professionals being able to receive  remuneration. Our goal is for our staff to have exclusive dedication to our mission and access to quality employment while allowing us to continue protecting human rights.


With your help, we can increase our capacity

for action from 19 to 50 cases. 


What are we going to do with the rest of the money?​

Our foundation has made efforts to be able to provide humanitarian aid to the victim’s families who take responsibility for the orphans left behind from femicide. We want to support their survival and in order to do so, we desperately need your support.

We want to continue doing research to build the memory of the victims and educational campaigns  aiming to combat violence against women, adolescents, and girls.

To maintain these programs, we need coordinators with exclusive dedication to our legal department and our Observatory of Violence Against Women and Communications.


These employees need fair wages with working conditions worthy of their talents and responsibilities.


How have we achieved all this?

Without funding, our foundation is made up of 45 volunteers and 4 advisers who have donated their time and talent. They are our key to success and need constant training to strengthen their professional skills in as an ever changing legal battle.

We realize our work requires an exclusive dedication in order to provide an effective legal representation for the families. However, our work needs to be expanded to other areas in Colombia. Your support is essential to provide families a chance of justice.

Can you imagine what we can

achieve with your support?